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[Video + Trans] 120720 After School Interview - Backstage Chat KBS world

Q : Tell us about your new song “Flashback”.
Jung-a : “Flashback" is a dance song with an electro sound. If you listen to the lyrics, it talks about wanting to go back to the times when most in love. Also there’s another meaning of us going back to the image of After School in our early days.

Q : The dance is just great. How much did you have to practice? (question from Indonesian broadcast listener Ayu Amalia)
Ju-yeon : Our Japanese promotions overlapped with our preparations for this album. So because we didn’t have a lot of time, we would go to the dance studio whenever we had a chance to practice, whether it was the dawn hours or morning hours.

Q : With Kahi’s graduation and new member Ga-eun being added, there’s been changes within the group. That puts Jung-a in the role of the oldest sister, so how do you (Jung-a) feel about that? (question from French broadcast listener MC Soosha Ctout and Vietnamese broadcast listener Oanh)
Jung-a: I feel really pressured with this role. I keep thinking that I need to do better.

Q : It’s now time to hear about the new member Ga-eun’s aspirations. Is there anything you feel has gotten better after you joined the group? (question from Japanese broadcast listener Ono Takashi)
Ga-eun : I haven’t really felt that anything has gotten better yet, but I do hope that through me, our group will advance forward. I’ll work hard to make that possible.

Q : Let’s go back to talking about your album. The song “Timeless" also stands out. Tell us about it.
Raina : I wrote the lyrics for this song, and it’s a medium tempo ballad. Me and Jung-a have been wanting to sing a duet since a while back, and we finally got to sing together. It’s a song about a slightly cold and proud girl that only comes to miss her ex and have regrets after the breakup.

Q : How about the two of you promote as a sub-group, kind of like Orange Caramel?
Jung-a : Raina and I have always wanted to sing a duet together since our early days. Sa-jang-nim (title referring to agency head/CEO), how about we take this opportunity to promote together?

Q : Lizzy, when can we expect to hear a new song from Orange Caramel?
Lizzy : Orange Caramel will be debuting in Japan this August. So after we have a successful round of promotions, we’re planning on making a comeback in Korea soon after.

Q : Yes, please do. Ju-yeon, you’re currently working as an actress as well. What differences would you say there are between singing and acting?
Ju-yeon : With singing, you have to show everything you have within a short period of time, while acting has a different attractive side where you have a longer time to act. I love both.

Q : If you had to pick a song from all the songs you’ve released so far that you have a special attachment to, which would it be? (question from French broadcast listener Nehza Fennassia)
E-young : The song “Rip Off”. We released it first in Japan. We performed it as our opening number at our concert, and the response was very good. Also, I’ve always wanted to do a cane performance since way back. I have the most attachment with this song because this song was the opportunity to try it.

Q : Lastly, tell us about any plans for After School concerts this year and also your plans to enter the overseas music markets. (question from Spanish broadcast listener Stephanie Fretel)
Jung-a : Our most recent concert in Japan ended successfully. Although we want to also hold concerts in Korea and abroad, there are no such plans yet. However, at the very least, our wish is for us to go and meet with all of you. Because we just made our comeback with “Flashback”, we’ll be promoting busily for the time being with this song. I think you’ll be able to see us on many variety shows here and there, and also in Japan. Please keep on the lookout. Thank you.

nb : Uee wes the mc & Nana was in Japan

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