• 22nd July
  • 22

[Photo] Tweets Caps of the beginning of those fake rumors about “Onew & Jung Ah holding hands”

I hope those fake rumors won’t happen again. Shawols and Playgirlz are you trying to make a fan war with this Onew x Jung Ah’s thingy? All fake rumors can have a huge impact for fandoms and Idols.

Seriously, what if they really are dating? It’s their life and choice. Onew & Jung Ah are both kind persons. They don’t deserve to be parasitized by mecontent / immature fans. No joke, if you are trully a Jung Ah fans or a Onew fans you woundn’t spread those kind of false rumors.

Idol have a life. Please respect them and their decisions.

and for sure all rumors on allkpop forum —> http://forums.allkpop.com/threads/not-confirmed-yet-jungah-onew-spotted-together-holding-hand-at-shinees-concert.16866/

and also Nana & Jung Ah went to SHINee concert 120721, they were seen at SHINee’s dressing room, i guees to say Hi to them, since Key & Nana are friends, and Onew & Jung Ah too.

I also feel bad, because Jung Ah has kinda a lot of hateful tweets because Onew appreciate her.

So please stop spreading fake rumors.