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[FULL TRANS] 131016 JungA, Juyeon & Raina radio ON8 


MC: Today we are having special guests here again. Introducing Afterschool~. Please introduce yourself.
JA: Ok good evening. I’m Afterschool’s leader and also a fashion leader JungA.
MC: Nice to meet you, and?
JY: Good evening. It’s my pace(free spirit) Juyeon.
MC: Nice to meet you, and?
Ra: It’s singing takoyaki Raina. Good evening.
MC: Nice to meet you. Well today we’d like all 3 of you to describe each other honestly. Is that ok with you?
Ra: Yes of course!
MC: Thank you.
MC: Ok then let’s begin with JungA. Last night we heard you are the mother of Afterschool. Juyeon, how would you describe JungA in one word other than mother?
JY: Pig
MC1: Ouch…
MC2: Poor her…
MC1: and again ouchh! Why is that?
Ra: Why?
MC: How come JungA is…
JY: Because she eats alot.
MC: Because she eats alot?!
JA: Juyeon eats more!
Ra: Really? eats more?
JY: The reason is… err JungA eats more and more.
MC: Which one which one which one of you eats more??
Ra: I don’t know.
MC: Ah, you don’t? You girls are harsh.
MC:Erm Raina, how would you describe JungA in one word?
Ra: Bald.
MC: What??
Ra: I would say bald.
MC: Bald… errrr like glossy… smooth…
Ra: That’s right.
EVERYONE: Shiny~~~~~
Ra: It’s shining~ because…
MC: (…laughing) sorry
Ra: Her hair falls out alot.
MC: Whaaat???
JA: No no, it’s because I dye my hair many many times then my hair falls out alot.
MC: Ah from hair dye…
JA: Not falling out anymore.
MC: Even if your hair falls out it will grow back again. It’s ok.
JA: It’s not ok.
Ra: Keep keep falling out~~~ Keep falling out.
JA: Falls out everyday. Many falls out.
MC: I’m worried about JungA.
Ra: Yes… worried…
MC: We’d like you two to characterise Juyeon next. If you describe Juyeon in one word what could it be? JungA, you start please.
JA: Hmm a noisy person
MC: Hmmmmm talking shit paradise~~~
Ra: Hahaha~ talking shit~ everythings bad~~~
JA: She exhaust me always. It’s hard to live.
MC: Again. It’s hard for you to live? Here you go~ We heard this twice. That hard? I’m so worried. What she saying all the time?
JA: She keeps talking from morning till night.
MC: Oh wow… She’s only quiet when she sleeps?
JA: Yes yes. When she’s sleeping… I don’t like(kirai) her.
Ra: You mean pretty(kirei) (Raina corrects JungA. JungA meant kirei(pretty) not kirai(dislike))
MC: Ah, she looks pretty when she sleeps the most?
JY: But but but JungA loves me!
MC: Oooooooooo~ wonderful.
JY: The most the most she loves me the most among all members.
MC: Lovey dovey??
Ra: Lovey dovey~?
MC: She tease her but to tell the truth she loves Juyeon. Oooo they gone red~
Ra: I see~
MC: Let’s continue… Raina, how would you describe Juyeon?
Ra: I would say… toilet.
MC: Toilet??? What do you mean??
Ra: Because she’s always in toilet.
MC: Why??
JA: She lives in toilet.
Ra: Yes yes.
MC2: Wow… toilet is your home…
Ra: the best
MC1: I don’t think so… why… toilet?
Ra: I envy… she eats then …..(flushing sound) right away. MC1: Bloopers… you can’t talk about this anymore.
Ra: Sorry
MC2: But digesting your food fast that’s a good…
MC1: STOP THERE! Why do you continue.
MC2: Healthy healthy. I’m jealous jealous.
JY: Excellent excellent my stomach.
MC2: Ah your stomach?
MC1: STOP IT ALREADY!! Everyone calm down. AFTERSCHOOL!! Now we’re alright. We’re all calm.
Ra: Please
MC1: Juyeon, you are chosen for a lingeries brand Maruko’s CF model.
MC2: Yeah, I’ve seen! Really sexy!!
JY: Ohhhhh thank you.
MC2: Looks really cool. Now she has an image of toilet but i didn’t see that there. No she’s definitely not.
MC1: Let’s clean up that image. Yeah she has great body figure.
MC2: Great
MC1: She can’t be (toilet)
MC: Shall we move on to Raina. How would you describe Raina in one word? JungA?
Ra: What is it?
JA: Raina is…
Ra: yes
JA: Concealer person.
Ra: Concealer??
MC: Oh concealer? …concealer I have a feeling this turns out bad.
JA: From morning till night she’s applying concealer on.
Ra: Liar liar! It’s from morning till afternoon!
MC: Afternoon. You don’t apply them at night time?
Ra: No no not at night. Afternoon. Until afternoon.
MC1: Then can we consider you a concealer person from morning till afternoon?
MC2: Should we? Is that alright?
Ra: Should you? Am I alright?
MC: Are you ok?
Ra: It’s alright. I’m a cool girl.
MC: Ok? Cool girl… haha
Ra: Totally ok.
MC: Juyeon, how would you describe Raina in one word?
JY: Raina is a game addict.
MC: (laugh)
JY: Game… addict…
MC: Ah game freak…
Ra: Why?
JY: Because she plays game always. Like always. From morning till night.
Ra: No~ lies lies~
MC: Always playing?? What kind of game?
Ra: Err… name… 발차기공주?
MC: Princess Punt!
Ra: It’s fun.
MC2: Some staff are nodding.
MC1: That good?
Ra: But not from morning till night. Afternoon. From afternoon till night.
MC2: Oh in the afternoon? So you apply concealer in the morning until afternoon then you move on to the game.
Ra: From afternoon till night.
MC1: Ok ok I get the schedules now.
Ra: Are you alright?
MC2: Ok wow… you are so busy.
Ra: That’s right! Always so busy~
MC1: No your not! (laugh) Afterschool is busy with different schedules!
JA: After the radio show, she will play right way.
Ra: Yeah
MC: Ahh she would start right away??
Ra: Yes. Feels good! (playing)
MC1: (laugh) Well well tonight we had JungA, Juyeon and Raina to characterise each other.
MC2: Alright now we are going to play this song again tonight. Was this show alright? (laugh) It is a really really sexy song by Afterschool. JungA, which part would you recomend in this song?
JA: “Dance dance dance” part in chorus and refrain.
MC: Oh refrain part…
JA: It’s addictive and you’ll get into it.
MC: Wow~ I’d like to listen to that kind of song all day. To the heaven~~~ 가자~~~
Everyone: 가자~!!
MC: They said it with us! Once again please introduce the song.
JY: Please listen “Heaven” by Afterschool.
MC: We had JungA, Juyeon and Raina of Afterschool as tonight’s opening guests. See you again tomorrow.
Ra: Yeah~ see you tomorrow~
MC: 감사합니다.

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[TRANS] AfterSchool JungAh, Juyeon and Raina ON8 FM opening Act - PART 2


MC : Being the mother of the group as well as the new leader, what’s your thought?
JungAh : I’ll work hard each and every day, though it’s really tiring.

MC : What do you think of JungAh, the mother as well as the leader of AfterSchool?
Juyeon : ugly leader ( in a way it means she’s unattractive ) hahahha

MC : Ehhh Ehhh?
Juyeon : It’s true, it’s true.! Her face is really unattractive.

MC : Juyeon san, Are you sure you can say like that? She’s not ugly.
JungAh : This Juyeon, she just gets annoying as days goes by. She’s giving me a hard life.
MC : hahahhaa , well Raina…how about you?
Raina : I’m on the same boat.
Juyeon : Hahahahah
MC : Same, as you mean being unattractive as well?. hahaha

[ New Single HEAVEN ]

MC : This single is really great. - Shinichi Osawa being the producer. Let’s have JungAh explain a little about it shall we.

( Let’s skipped this part - they just talk about pole dance, the song genre, and how tough pole dance is actually. )

MC : You guys started with the marching concept and now pole dance, so from your experience, can you tell us which one is tougher?
JungAh : Pole dance.
Juyeon : Same here. It’s burdensome especially towards your hands.
MC : I can relate to the pain.


( JungAh’s part - she mentioned sth about the other side(the guy) who can’t seems to forget about her? ) not too sure.

But Raina express her jealously when she heard JungAh’s sharing

MC: Can you share to us a little about your first love?
Juyeon : I don’t have…….I forgot.
MC : ? You forgot?
Juyeon :My first love, is myself. ( HAHAHA)
Raina : That’s my pace, Juyeon.
MC: Lastly, Raina san, your first love?
Raina : Unfortunately, I don’t have one.

* Rough/ partial trans by ASdaisuki

Pardon me in case of translation error.


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[TRANS] AfterSchool JungAh, Juyeon and Raina ON8 FM opening Act 131016


We have 3 special guests with us , let’s welcome Afterschool!!

JungAh : Evening, I’m afterschool leader, fashion leader JungAH

Juyeon : Evening, Juyeon here

Raina : Uta takoyaki ? Raina 

All : Nice to meet everyone

MC: Alright, let’s have a section where you characterized one another. Are you guys okay with this?

Raina : Ok, no problem.

JungAh : Yes yes, okay des!

MC: JungAh, you’re the mother AfterSchool.  Let’s see how does the members think about you. Let’s start with Juyeon.

Juyeon :  PIG!

MC: Atatataata….I wonder why you said that?

Juyeon : JungAh , she eats A LOT.

JungAh : That’s a lie. Juyeon, she eats MORE.

Juyeon : No, JungAh can eat a lot MORE than me.

MC : Which one which one, so which one of you? I have no idea. Okay then, how about Raina.

Raina : Baldy.

[ It seems like JungAh suffers from hair loss as she dyes her hair often. MC was like , you poor thing, I’m worried about her ]

MC : Let’s continue with Juyeon next. 

JungAH : A noisy annoying person. 

Raina ; Bad, everything about her is bad 

( They’re teasing Juyeon having ugly character ) 

JungAh : Juyeon annoys me from dawn to dusk. However, she’s really pretty especially when she sleeps.  

Juyeon : Still , JungAh said that she loves me. 

JungAh : No, not like that !

Juyeon : I’m the FIRST , MOST loved member by JungAH!!

Raina : so lovey dovey 

MC: Raina, it’s your turn

Raina : Toilet

MC : Toilet, how is that?

Raina : Juyeon really likes to go to the toilet. She lives in it.

JungAH : Juyeon is the type that goes to toilet straight away.

Raina : I’m jealous. She’s having a *direct line *. [ Anything that she eats, she digests them straight away ]

MC was talking about how sexy Juyeon is when she promoted the Maruko Lingerie CF

- Let’s just put aside her toilet image….

MC: Last but not least, it’s time to describe about Raina 

[ I don’t understand this part, ], JungAH mention about her diet I supposed?

Raina : it was a lie, I ate in the morning as well. 

Juyeon : Raina is a game freak.

MC : why is that?

Juyeon : She could play games the whole day. 

MC : What kind of game?

Raina decribes the game she played.

Raina : But I don’t play them the whole day.

They’re teasing Raina if she’s able cope with AfterSchool’s schedules since she’s so busy gaming.

Jungah : After the show today, Raina will continue her gaming straight away

Raina : haha, yes . start !


Rough trans by ASdaisuki, 

some tips gotten from apsclaszix ]

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[English subbed Video Cut] Jung Ah, Kaeun, E-Young, Jooyeon At ShimShimTapa Radio Program 130101 // [中字] 130101 神童的深深打破 After School Cut

Jung Ah said in shim shim tapa radio that #AFTERSCHOOL is preparing a wonderful stage for next comeback. I smell graduation after….

Jung Ah “If it’s personally, although i have plans but i would still need to tell the company” Hmm…

Jung Ah’s plans is to sing in OST.. maybe… So no (mini) solo project seems…

Eyoung would like to compose songs. I wish too !

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